I have know Ray for over 10 years, it started when I first took a sprint triathlon class with him at a local YMCA. It was the beginning of endurance races for me.  Since then I have progressed from sprint triathlons to olympic length triathlons to recently finishing my first 70.3 mile distance.  When I crossed the finish line for the half, I thought thank you Ray, because not only did I feel great, I achieved my goal and was well trained. I had confidence going into the race because Ray believed I could do it, he knew when to push me, how to help me get past obstacles and laughed with me.  I know in myheart of hearts that finishing the 70.3 was possible because of Ray’s encouragement and guidance through the years. - Lori   

My experience with Ray has been a game changer for both my level of fitness and my ability to perform in races. His approach is gentle but tough and he carefully considers the physical and mental aspects of training. His experience as a world-class triathlete combined with years of working in a corporate environment makes Ray the perfect combination of brains and braun in a Coach. - Aaron  
I’d known Ray for a few years before I started training with him. When my idea to do a full Ironman solidified, I knew just who to call. Ray’s positivity, enthusiasm and unwavering belief in me has made me a better triathlete all around and has pushed the limits of my capabilities. I never knew I could achieve this and Ray showed me the way. - Jaime